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A place of relaxation and recreation for the citizens of Johannesburg. Rich in biodiversity, wetland and grassland resources as well as heritage.
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Albert's Farm

Trail Runs

Our Artesian spring

The only one in Gauteng. Two slanted rock formations form the spring – the south-facing shale meets the downward-sloping quartz rock from the north, forming an impenetrable basin in which the water forms. It is then forced, under pressure, to the surface.


Rich History

The farm dates to the 1890s, when, it is thought, Hendrik Abraham Alberts leased 114 acres from the owner of the large farm Waterval. The original farmhouse is long gone, but the family cemetery exists, a lonely, fenced presence in the parkland.

Flora and Fauna

The park is dotted with trees – 70 different species have been identified, 35 indigenous, 35 exotic. In addition, 29 grass species have been found and 78 species of shrubs (18 of which are exotic).  Against the odds, rare aloes and ground orchids have managed to survive in the rocky ridges at Alberts Farm.

Small mammals & reptiles have also made Alberts Farm their home - cape clawless otters, yellow mongoose, rodents, small spotted genets, several species of frogs, lizards and snakes.

Varied Bird life

About 139 different bird species have been spotted in the conservancy - ranging from black headed & grey herons to marsh owls, spotted eagle owls, black shouldered kites, occassional king fishers and an array of migratory birds.


Trail Running

We have a stunning trail run route made famous by our parkrun on Saturday.  Enjoyed by the parkrun community because it has lots of gradient, it will surely be a fun way to improve your fitness levels.  

Come over to Alberts Farm parkrun at 8am on Saturdays and take a jog in nature.

For the more experienced trail runners, Alberts Farm is part of the Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure route (JURA) which takes place annually.


Wonderful Wetlands

Hydrologically very sensitive, Alberts Farm boasts several hillslope seeps as well as a valley bottom channel wetland through which the stream flows.  This stream is one of the upper tributories of the Braamfontein Spruit which ultimately joins the Jukskei and flows into the Crocodile/Groot Marico catchment. 

The Alberts Farm wetlands are in need of remediation and restoration so Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy has been working with the most respected urban wetland remediation experts to put a plan in place.


Fun Cyling

As part of the much loved Braamfontein Spruit cycling trail, Alberts Farm is a firm cycling favourite for Jozi's cycling community.

Also incorporated in the annual Hollard JUMA mountain bike challenge route, more and more cyclists are discovering the beauty of Alberts Farm.

Alberts Farm Conservancy